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Planting Design is about creating a successful plant combination to suit the climate, soil conditions and style of your garden. Planting styles can vary from bold colourfull herbaceous borders, gravel gardens, grassy prairie styles, formal clipped box topiary, herb gardens, shady woodland, wildlife to minimal contemporary styles. Your planting plan will be designed to suit the style of your individual garden, lifstyle and time available for garden maintenance.

Planting for Wildlife
The plants in your garden will create shelter and a source of food for birds, wildlife and also bees which continue to be in decline. Whatever style of garden you decide on, consider planting for wildlife. Evergreen shrubs with berries, flowering perennials and climbers to attract wildlife will also give structure and colour to the garden throughout the year.
Planting Plans
Planting plans are available for borders, garden renovations and new garden designs, they will show the planting layout, horticultural names and numbers. I can select the required plants for you at the nursery and set the plants out in the garden, ready for planting. You may choose to do the planting yourself or I can advise you on landscapers I work with regularly, to carry out the planting for you.
Planting Designs
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